5G Tests Underway in London & Brighton
Clarity IT looking to the future with 5G tests

5G Tests Underway in London & Brighton

5G Tests Underway in London & Brighton

It’s an exciting time for tech lovers, because the first 5G tests have started in London and Brighton, ahead of the first phase roll-out, expected in 2019. This is the first time 5G has been tested outside of university laboratories.

5G Will Change Everything

The arrival of 5G will be fundamental to UK economic success and competitiveness in the future. 5G will allow speeds of up-to 20 gigabits per second, that means you could download a full 4K movie in less than 10 seconds!

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications.
It succeeds the 4G, 3G and 2G systems.
5G performance targets include high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity and massive device connectivity.
The first phase of 5G will be completed by March 2019.
The second phase will be completed by March 2020.
The 2020 standard provides for speeds up to 20 gigabits per second and has only been demonstrated with millimetre waves of 15 gigahertz and higher frequency.

In the mean time

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