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Whether you need a wi-fi setup or repair, we go through a systematic process that ensures you end up with the fastest, most stable internet connection possible.

First, we perform a full wireless audit at your premises. We scientifically measure the speed and strength of the wireless signal in each room. This helps us understand which rooms or areas of may experience a weaker connection. We also measure neighbouring wireless signals to check for interference that
may be impacting your wi-fi connection. If they are, we can fine-tune your equipment to overcome this.

When setting up a new wi-fi connection, we make recommendations for the optimal placement of wireless equipment based on the property layout and construction and your requirements. Configure all equipment to work correctly. Teach you and/or your family how to use any new equipment. Connect all of your computers and devices. Double-check your wireless security to ensure you end up with the optimal wi-fi setup and capabilities, we customise your wireless solution to suit your needs. We can also integrate your wireless solution into your existing network and fine turn both to run optimally.

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