Of all the types of problems you can have with your computer, network issues might be one of the worst. Although our computers can do a lot offline, being cut off from the internet, or your much-needed services isn’t much fun. Even worse, when you can’t get online, you can’t easily research fixes for your problem. Our trained technicians can quickly resolve your network issues, and have you back up and running, minimising downtime and allowing the work flow to continue. Give Clarity-IT a call today on 01892 300 247 or click the link below.


Hardware failures can be among the most devastating problems for any business. Failure to access your IT systems because of hardware failures can result in a tremendous loss of money, time and effort. Here, at Clarity-IT as well as fixing or replacing your hardware we’ll explore the reasons why the hardware failure has occurred and what steps you can take to avoid these issues, that can dramatically impact your business. Give Clarity-IT a call today on 01892 300 247 or click the link below.


Home routers typically support just one wireless network, however for businesses Clarity-IT can create large wireless networks, also known as Service Set Identifier (SSID) on a business-grade access point. Each SSID can be assigned a different access policy for fine-grained security with different encryption options. The most obvious advantage is the ability to support guest users without giving them unfettered access to the network. Clarity-IT can create an Internet-enabled SSID isolated from the rest of the network, leaving the rest of the network untouched. Give Clarity-IT a call today on 01892 300 247 or click the link below.


Many businesses, regardless of their size, prefer to store data inside in-house servers and data centres. although this approach isn’t a bad option as such, it nevertheless comes with additional overhead. Servers require constant maintenance, and this means that the company must employ IT staff to manage them, which can be a costly proposition. Thanks to cloud storage, businesses can save a lot of money on maintenance using Clarity-IT and its third-party Cloud storage providers. Allowing your business to focus resources on the core aspects of the business, without worrying about an IT staff or its budgets. Give Clarity-IT a call today on 01892 300 247 or click the link below.

Computer Services

At Clarity IT we realise how important it is for small business to have computers and IT equipment working reliably and efficiently. We understand the impact it can have if your business encounters IT failures. We provide complete computer and IT support for businesses, from those with only one computer, to complete network solutions.

Disaster Recovery

When it comes to back up Clarity IT takes a multi-tiered approach. We use a range of options from offsite daily data backups to weekly or monthly full system backups to reduce the risk of data loss and business downtime. Whether it’s a simple file restore, or a full system restore we’ve got your backup covered.

Remote monitoring

Clarity IT offer 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Proactive Health Checks for all your IT equipment and software. Our pro-active approach through our unique remote monitoring of all your hardware and software whilst you focus on your business. Clarity IT's advanced monitoring can spot problems before they turn into full-blown disasters

Cloud Backup

Clarity IT recognises that a company’s data is arguably its most valuable asset, which is why we provide a comprehensive cloud backup service with integral disaster recovery solution. The backup solution we offer utilises your existing IT hardware and sends your data over a secure connection to our nearest data centre. Your data is encrypted and compressed before it leaves your offices and securely stored so that only you can access it.

Onsite Visits

Clarity IT offers a fast response On-Site IT Support service. We dispatch technicians across the regional every day to deal with our customers IT issues. We can help with all different aspects of IT support, including cyber security, network administration, virus removal, backups and much more. Our technicians are fully qualified and can usually be on site within two hours.

Virus Protection

Clarity IT keeps your business safe from viruses using only the best antivirus software to protect your business from malicious software and hackers trying to access any protected system they can find, and you need to stay ahead of the threats and going without virus protection can have severe consequences, both for your business and for your customers.

Email Systems

Having a fully functional email system is vitally important for businesses. We at Clarity IT understand that adding, managing security settings and resetting passwords can be a real hassle. We offer a wide range of support services for your business allowing us to manage your users remotely and securely.


We at Clarity IT understand the challenges and the risks of resource management. We offer our clients a flexible IT consultancy services to suit their needs. We at Clarity IT offer our highly skilled technicians to advise and work in a collaborative environment with our clients to bring about latest technologies that meets their current and future needs.


Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving your current IT setup, Clarity IT has experienced installation technicians to install hardware and software fast and reliably, from brand new computers or accessories like printers and networking equipment, we’ll install it all with speed and reliability. For peace of mind, we at Clarity IT recommend you buy your supplies from us, but even if you bought the supplies elsewhere we'll help you with the installation.

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription plans from Microsoft which include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services). Office 365 includes plans for use at home and for business. Learn about Office 365 for use at home. Office 365 plans for business include services such as Skype for Business web conferencing and Exchange Online hosted email for business, and additional online storage with OneDrive for Business. Clarity IT can install and manage all your Office 365 subscriptions across all of your business devices allowing you to be in your office wherever you are.

Server Support

Here at Clarity IT we understand your servers are at the centre of your IT Infrastructure and the right support is essential in keeping them performing at their very best. Servers need to be properly managed to maintain a consistently high level of both availability and usability for your business. At Clarity IT we offer a wide range of server support services and server upgrades, tailored to meet your business needs.

Equipment Auditing

Clarity IT appreciates how important it is to know your full IT resource inventory, what you have, where it is and how it is being used. This is particularly important if you are seeking to optimise your investment. Clarity IT provides professional auditing and asset management service gives you a complete, accurate inventory to support your business planning process. Working to your requirements we will visit site, in or out of office hours, to record the details required. All workstation assets are then tagged with unique identifiers as part of an asset register, then a comprehensive report is produced to your specification and provided to you.

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